What’s this all about?

Adaptive athlete, life hacks, & inspiration for finding the things that bring your heart peace ❤

In May 2017, I was on a run when I had the idea to start documenting my adaptive fitness routines. “Adapt do repeat” came to me so seamlessly, I can’t help but think it’s a product of intuition and a predetermined course. The idea and the concept integrated into my life and routines, easily, which is what makes it so fulfilling.

When you keep it simple and authentic, life just flows.

My message is always evolving and won’t ever be stagnant.

Sometimes it’s about mastering your circumstance and other times it’s about leaning into discomfort to find your way back to yourself.

Teaching and leading have always fueled my sense of purpose. Being a catalyst for change is who I am, whether with a two year old who is learning to talk or a 97 year old who never misses a cycling class.

You do what you are.