Becoming bulletproof…

Opening by Eric Pellini (coach, friend, and trainer)

“Adapt Do Repeat” When you hear those words it immediately makes you think.  You like the sound of it, but maybe you’re not sure why.  It’s catchy, easy to remember and really simple.

….then it starts to make sense.

This simple phrase explains what humans have been doing for centuries- EVOLVING. Regardless of your scientific or religious belief, we’ve gotten to where we are by adapting, doing and repeating that process.

In light of our evolution, let’s talk about a mindset that can help you push through resistance, make the most of change and yield your bulletproof self.


I’ll take it from here 🙂 I receive a lot of positive feedback for the “hard work” I put in at the gym. But in reality, that is truly just a part of who I am (remember that, “you do what you are” thing). It doesn’t feel like work.

So, I wanted to speak to something that is, in actuality, incredibly difficult for me: BOUNDARIES. One could argue that the key to a happy life is the result of having good boundaries. But why are boundaries so difficult to establish?

Because boundaries prompt the question, “What am I worth?” and require actions that reflect the degree to which you perceive your value.

Recognizing what you need challenges you to play big and not shrink yourself to appease others. It can be paralyzing to ask for what we need because we can be perceived as needy or weak (we think…). But the highest form of strength and the biggest driver of inner peace comes from your ability to stay true to who you are and be vulnerable. How empowering is it to not only find your ground, but stand firm in it? Some of us are lucky enough to get to this point, quickly.

For me, it’s been the single greatest determiner in my growth.

I think one of the worst feelings is finding yourself in a space of receiving less than you deserve. It kick starts your brain to bargain and justify why this situation is “fine”. It’s easier to stick to complacency and keep your needs at bay, but when you aren’t staying true to YOU how can you show up authentically in any relationship (not just romantic).

Life transformed for me when my self-narrative changed; when I shifted from telling myself “I’m worth it,” to truly believing it. It took years to get here and my voice still falters at the point of expressing what I need- but self growth isn’t finite. I’m grateful for the tough times and the struggles I have endured. They shook me to my core and forced me to take responsibility for what needed to change in my life.

Inner mantra:  I can keep doing what I’ve been doing, or I can stop.

Actionable step: Identify one need of yours that isn’t being met. Take a deep breath. Ask for it.  

FYI: What you allow, is what will continue.

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