5 tips for cold-weather runs

Temperatures are dropping but the pavement still calls! As a year-round runner in Connecticut, I’ve learned how to battle all the elements. So bundle up, but not too much, and let’s cover some ground.

1. Dress code

Before hitting the closet check the outdoor temp. You’ll want to dress for 12-15 degrees warmer than the weather outside. Consider the wind but even when it’s 40 degrees, you should be fine with one layer.

2. Coat check

A windproof and waterproof jacket is a WISE (and necessary IMO) investment. You’ll only need one and if it’s the right brand, it will last you for years. Down jackets will almost always be too warm for when you are active, so look for a technical shell that’s lined with fleece (ventilation is key!).

I love the lululemon Cross Chill Jacket. In true fashion, lululemon decked it out with features you never knew you needed (hidden phone sleeve, watch hole for time checks, and thumbholes).

*disclaimer: I am a lululemon ambassador but I’ve been wearing their gear for running, exclusively, since 2008. My original windproof jacket from them is 10 years old and looks brand new.

3. Hat trick

This is an obvious one, but an earwarmer can be a life saver on those start-out-cold-then-gets-hot-real-quick days. I prefer these over a full-blown hat because of ventilation and storage. When I warm up, I can stuff it in my pocket, forget it’s there and then spend a whole bunch of time looking for it later. I really only whip out the hats when its below 30 degrees.

Here’s my favorite from lululemon (shocker). It’s water-repellent, brushed with fleece, has reflective details, and an opening to thread your ponytail through.

4. Stand out

We’re not working with a whole lot of daylight here so grabbing a reflective vest is a good idea. Also, these days people are wildly distracted without the weather impacting them, so better to stand out than be sorry. You’ll want one with minimal coverage but one that amps up your safety.

Here’s the one I use by Amphipod.

5. Head to toe

The right running socks are very underrated. Look for socks that are engineered for movement. In the colder months, grab a thicker sock for warmth and ones that come up over your ankles. I’ve been running in feetures for 10+ years and they are instrumental in blister prevention and supporting my super high arch. Plus, they last forever.

My picks:

Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab

Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew

2 thoughts on “5 tips for cold-weather runs

  1. 6. Stay warm and cozy underneath your blankets at home.

    I love this!!! Do you EVER not want to run? What do you do to get yourself out there?

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