Go to sleep, change your life.

Not your basic sleep hacks. 5 minute read. Sleep is the most important aspect of health and wellness, yet is incredibly undervalued. If it’s not critical to our existence, why haven’t we evolved out of it? I spent the majority of my life as an over-caffeinated insomniac with a I’ll-sleep-when-I’m-dead and always-max-out mindset. I believedContinue reading “Go to sleep, change your life.”

5 tips for cold-weather runs

Temperatures are dropping but the pavement still calls! As a year-round runner in Connecticut, I’ve learned how to battle all the elements. So bundle up, but not too much, and let’s cover some ground. 1. Dress code Before hitting the closet check the outdoor temp. You’ll want to dress for 12-15 degrees warmer than theContinue reading “5 tips for cold-weather runs”

Becoming bulletproof…

Opening by Eric Pellini (coach, friend, and trainer) “Adapt Do Repeat” When you hear those words it immediately makes you think.  You like the sound of it, but maybe you’re not sure why.  It’s catchy, easy to remember and really simple. ….then it starts to make sense. This simple phrase explains what humans have beenContinue reading “Becoming bulletproof…”