From the start

Riding on my tricycle, I refused to use the sidewalk because it was, “too easy”

Life threw me a bit of resistance from the start. I was born a right arm, below-the elbow-amputee. I quantify it as “a bit” because I can’t say my physical difference is anything more than just that, a difference. When I started my fitness journey, I heard the word “inspiration” a lot but it never sat well with me. I always thought, “this isn’t that hard; I wake up with the same 24 hours and am faced with the same choices as everyone else”. I felt like making a big deal about it placed the reason for my accomplishments on my difference when in reality, I was just full of grit from the start.

Straight out the gates, I wanted to do EVERYTHING. My grandma tells the story of when she went to the viewing window of the nursery after I was born. Every baby was fast asleep and there I was, awake and trying to lift my head up. Clearly, needing to know what was up and what we were doing. Let’s go already.

I’ve been fortunate enough to dodge any obvious bullying and never let people’s ignorance impact me too much. I’m not unaffected. It does trigger me sometimes, but the amazing people I have surrounded myself with overshadow those few individuals, quickly. I was having coffee with a friend of mine recently when she asked if I ever thought about how my life would be different if I wasn’t born this way. In truth, during my adolescent years, I did. I got a little lost in the unfairness. But now, after finding my ground through a ton of self-reflection and growth, I’m able to stand firm in the idea that this is who I am, and I truly like it. Would my life be different? Maybe. But I can say for certain, it wouldn’t be better.

I wanted to speak to the reason for my difference because I know people are curious and I never want to hide it. But the idea of adapt do repeat is about something so much greater than how I adapt my fitness routines. It’s truly about the resilience of the human spirit and encouraging people to see what can happen when you consistently challenge your perceived limits.

But FYI: the limit does not exist.